City Council Awaits SBCTA Loan Terms

February 7 2017 by Simone Graham

Though the San Bernardino County Transit Association has agreed to give the city of Victorville a loan to complete the Greentree extension and build a bridge over the train track, the terms of that loan have not yet been presented to the city council. The council members will be looking for a “favorable” interest rate in order to be able to accept the loan. The city is currently paying off the last part of the cost for the Nisquali 15 freeway overpass and cannot pay the $19 million project cost. In order to get it started now, the city will have to use a loan to do that or wait for several years while saving the money causing everyone to wait even longer for access to over the train tracks and a shorter route home to Apple Valley.

According to Sue Jones, Public Information Officer, Dokken Engineering is negotiating right of way with landowners and getting permits with the water board, BNSF, and Army Core of Engineers for the extension.

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