Yucca Loma Road Progress – Scheduled to Open May 22nd

February 7, 2017 by Simone Graham.

Local residents are eager to use the bridge that connects Yucca Loma with Apple Valley Road. The project is ahead of schedule so it is very likely that the May 19 ribbon cutting ceremony, May 20 community bike-ride, and May 22 opening will hold. We are watching the progress on the last piece of the project before it is open to the public. Curbing is in and the driveway entrance to the shops on the corner is graded and ready for concrete as the entrance to road that connects with Yucca Loma. The sidewalks are not complete yet, but they look like they will be wide enough to accommodate two-way pedestrian traffic.

So, if you are taking leisurely walk across the bridge you will not get jostled by a runner of clipped by a skateboarder. Tractors are cleaning up debris and getting the road ready to pour concrete for the sidewalks, finish handicap accessible curbing at all the corners and driveways and, of course, pave the road. Check in next week for some new photos.

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