Spring Valley Lakes Jim Nahom’s Mobile Bike Shop

Nahom started his mobile bicycle service as a hobby that grew out of riding around Spring Valley Lake with friends from the neighborhood. Walking back and forth to the lake beach was wearing him out and giving him some serious shin splints, so he began cycling to the beach on a daily basis to meet up with a few others who wanted to get some exercise. As interest grew in the casual outings, he started accepting bike donations from the community so friends could join in if they did not own a bicycle. Using his experience with mechanics in his dad’s garage business when he was young, he began cleaning, shining up, and fixing broken and missing parts on donated bikes. Some of the donated bikes are in bad shape, but provide parts for others that are still salvageable. Jim has encouraged and accepted even the most rusted out and neglected bicycles because he manages to bring them back to life with a little elbow grease using restoration tips he has found on the internet. He can even work on new bikes to check and make sure that the store has put it together correctly. He says it is a good idea to get a tune up a few months after getting the new purchase. Old bicycles should have a complete check up. One of the most annoying problems with bike maintenance we have here in the high desert is flat tires from plant thorns. Jim has learned to inject them with a substance that coats the inside of the tire. It not only plugs the hole, but protects from future flat tires. He is just about ready to start as an official mobile bicycle repair business. Of course, the bike cart will take a sideline and he will be making appointments to pick up and load bicycles in the back of his truck. Quick repairs and maintenance will be done at your home. He has set a minimum $25 charge for small repairs and $59 for a complete tune up to true up the rims, make basic adjustments, tighten brakes, and lubricate He certainly wants to make sure your bicycle is safe to ride, but he pointed out that bike shops make it their policy to find every problem with a bicycle that comes into their shop. If they do not have permission to fix everything, they will not make any repairs at all. Jim is really enjoying his new business. Time just flys when he is in the garage working on bike repairs and has found himself working until midnight many times. We are looking forward to announcing the official opening date of The Mobile Bike Shop

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