“Lead, follow, or get out of my way!” Ia Anspach (pronounced ee-ah) has been interested in fitness since she was a young girl. Some people just know who they are from the moment they are born and Ms. Anspach, owner of “a.k.a. FITNESS” at 12180 Ridgecrest Road here in Victorville, certainly is one of them. She always ate healthy foods starting as early as seven years old and was very active in sports from age ten.

She has been in the personal training business for 26 years. Some of you may have known her from her work at World Gym where she taught Pilates, indoor cycling, Zumba, and weight lifting until 2010. She transferred to the gym’s second location at that time and was there for another two years teaching fitness classes and weight training. While she was waiting for her own office location and gym space to open, she did the same type of training out of her home.

Her studio, 2,600 sq.ft, has room for weights, cardio machines, extra equipment for stretching and balance, and floor space for group class sessions. For those who want to exercise before heading off to work, her Wake Up Call class starts at 5 am. Like to work out later in the evening? There is a 7:30 and 8:30 class for you. Ia is currently teaching the Pilates and Cycling classes, but her specialty is personal training appointments. Do you like personal attention? Do you like smaller classes in which the instructor knows your name and walks over to correct your form? Then a.k.a Fitness is for you. She does have other fitness teachers leading classes and insists that she only hires the best instructors.

Seniors will like Ia’s methods. She has taken special training through Idea World Fitness and is certified on senior methods for exercise.

“Our bodies change with age, so the exercise methods change, too. To prevent injuries as we age, we must work the core. We must be consistent and not allow the day to day problems interfere with getting to work-out. Age has nothing to do with fitness. We can all get in shape.”

She encourages getting off the plateau and having constant and continuous improvement. If you are lifting a twelve-pound weight today, the next work out should find you lifting a fifteen-pound weight.

Ia just returned from the Las Vegas Idea World Fitness Convention, July 19-23, with 10,532 attendees. There were many coming from other states and from countries all over the world, but California leads the world in fitness. Ia has been attending for 25 years and has been helping to run the convention as a volunteer for over two decades. One of the classes she attended while there was Corrective Exercise; the class taught how to prevent injuries while working out. Of course, she always sits in on nutrition classes while there.

You will enjoy her motto: “Look good naked!”
Ok, ladies and gentleman, it is time to get in shape and, well, look good naked.

a.k.a Fitness
12180 Ridgecrest Rd. Ste. 426
Victorville CA 92395



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