Are Public Wifi Connections Safe?

Question 1: I use a VPN [virtual private network] and understand that once I am on the network my information is encrypted. But, I do not like to sign on to my VPN via a public Wi-Fi because I assume that when signing in to the VPN, my password for my network could be captured. Is the transmission of the VPN password secure? – G.T.

Answer 1: You are correct that if you send a password over an unencrypted connection it can be captured by a hacker. So the most important item here is whether your connection is encrypted or not. If you’re connecting to your VPN through a web browser, see if the URL of the login page begins with http or https. If it is https, the connection is encrypted and your password will not be open to attack. If you connect to the VPN through an app on your smart phone, it should be a secure connection, but you may want to check with your VPN service provider regarding VPNs and your smart phone connections.

Question 2: Is a Public Wi-Fi safe for sign-in? – A.D.

Answer 2: Check the URL for ‘https’. In a URL with “https,” the s means the connection is encrypted and won’t be vulnerable to a hacker.

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