By Simone Graham – Editor HDG – Photos By Yolette Rios: Both Hesperia and Apple Valley hosted 5k events in the month of September and Yolette participated in both. She continued training four days a week during summer mornings to stay in top shape for the end of summer and first days of fall events.

September 16th was the 60th anniversary of Hesperia Days. Yolette finished first in her class, 60+, and though she was pleased she was also very surprised. She explained that the Hesperia 5K, run from east to west, is harder because the contestants are running into the sun. The race started at the Percy Bakker Community center close to Sizzler, went over the bridge, took a turn at Timberlane, and ended with the finish line on Main Street.

Apple Valley’s September 23rd Reverse Triathlon with 400 hundred adults and 100 children participating was a bit easier to run. It started at 7 a.m. while the sun was just cresting the mountains and the weather was unseasonably cool that next weekend. She is not sure if she finished first this time as the running event winners have not been posted. She does know her total run time was 33 minutes 26 seconds. Any other 60 year-olds out there running an eleven minute mile? High Desert Gazette wants to talk to you, too!

She laughs, “There were so many young people! They start fast, but I end up passing them at the end because I keep an even pace throughout the race. Some people stop and rest or stop to get a drink and lose time that way. I just keep on going.”

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