What you can do to slow the flow of spam to your inbox

Question: My email address seems to have been sold and now I have people from all over the world sending me spam…sometimes more than 100 a day. I have tried everything I can to no avail and some of the suggestions are just too complicated to understand. Do you have any suggests or tools that one can use to stop this? Suggestions? John B

Answer: It seems that the only way to stop spam will be legislation that requires Internet service providers to charge the sender a small amount

for each email. The amount would be small enough to not matter to individuals but it would matter to those sending out millions or just thousands of emails. If individuals see their bills for email going up, they will take steps to shut out the spammers.

You can change your email address but the situation will only come back and it is a royal pain to start over with a new address, especially for those using the email for business.

So here are a few steps you can take to at least cut down on spam:

Use a “junk” or “NoSpam” free email account when you register software, sign up for newsletters or conduct any other activity that might land you on a list sold to spammers. Occasionally, you may want to check this account to see if there’s any mail you want to pay attention to. I use “nospam@” for customer accounts when posting their website to search engines for indexing.

Use an email provider that offers good spam filtering and make sure you have it turned on. This will keep masses of spam from ever reaching your inbox or your client’s junk mail folder. Note: I haven’t found one yet except using Microsoft Outlook through an ‘Exchange Server”

Set your client email program’s spam filter to the highest protection level as a final defense. Yes, you will need to check the spam folder because the high setting will certainly pick up some of your “wanted” messages.

Don’t hesitate to unsubscribe from emails from legitimate but unwanted advertisers. When I say “legitimate” I mean just that. Be careful to “unsubscribe” from phishing email since all you are doing is adding your email address as well as you IP address to an illegal list.

Good Luck

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