By: Simone Graham – Editor HDG: SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Obernolte (R-Hesperia – Website)  announced today that his bill which recognizes students’ excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related courses and curriculum passed the Education Committee.

“STEM courses are some of the most challenging classes offered in our high schools,” Assemblyman Obernolte said. “By receiving a STEM Seal on a diploma or transcript, students will be better positioned to find good paying jobs in STEM-related fields as well as be recognized for their hard work and success. But more importantly, we must ensure that we are graduating enough students proficient in the STEM fields to match the growing demand for these types of careers.

”AB 2265 will create the State Seal of STEM which may be affixed to the diploma and/or transcript of high school students that demonstrate proficiency in STEM courses. To qualify for the Seal, students must meet certain thresholds (including four years of math and science) and must prove proficiency in STEM courses through their GPA and standardized test scores. Currently in California, there is a high demand for STEM field jobs with a projected 19 percent increase expected over the next decade. This bill is an important tool intended to increase students’ motivation and engagement in these fields.

AB 2265 will be next referred to the Appropriations Committee.

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