Many Off-site Events to Attend by San Diego Comic-Con

By: Simone Graham – Editor: You did not get badges to Comic-Con or you just do not know what all the hoopla is all about and you want to be there to soak up the atmosphere? Well, you can and I do not blame you for just wanting to hang out at the fringes. But what fringes they are! I did not get tickets last year or this year and am having Comic-Con withdrawal knowing that 135,000 enthusiasts are there with tickets, hotel reservations, autograph signing reservations, line buddies for Hall H, and plans to nab their favorite fan memorabilia. You can take the train from Qualcomm Stadium to avoid crazy traffic and parking in the Gaslamp District where it all takes place. Just park your car, take the stairs up to the loading platform, find the kiosk to load your train card, and be the first to get a seat before it gets crammed with your fellow Comic-Conners at the next stops on the way to the convention center. Be sure to have your camera ready; you will want photos of the displays on the hotel walls, photos of those in costumes, and pics of happenings on the sidewalks. Ladies, I have one cautionary note for you; the sea air will do crazy things to your hair. So figure out how you are going to still have a good hair day in your selfies.

Here are just a few events to give you an idea of the variety available with more comprehensive links below.

Mercs and Anti-Heroes A Group Art Exhibit, Saturday, July 21 at 6 PM – 9 PM, Subterranean Coffee Hillcrest
412 University Ave.,

Rave Of Thrones, Thursday July 19. Doors Open at 9 p.m., OMNIA Nightclub San Diego 454 Sixth Ave.,

Marvelous Art Exhibition, Saturday, July 21 at 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., La Bodega Gallery
2196 Logan Ave.,

WICKED WIZARDS: A Potter Parody at San Diego Comic-Con, July 19 – July 22, Lyceum Theatres 79 Horton Plz,

Wayward Cocktails, Thursday, July19 6:00 p.m.,

Fatman on Batman, Thursday, July 19th 8 p.m.,

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Thursday, July 19th 10 p.m.,

Galactic Empire with special guests, Super MadNES, Sight Unscene, Mandala, Friday, July 20. Doors 8:00 p.m. / Show 8:30 p.m., Brick by Brick 1130 Buenos Ave,

The next two websites are loaded with information on what to you can do outside of the convention center and they break it down for you day by day. Wednesday night activities are over, but read through them anyway to have an idea of what may be happening next year to include in your plans. Happy Con everyone!

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