At the 2018 Wrightwood Car Show – Wow!

Simone Graham – Editor: The three hundred-plus cars were fabulous, the live music very entertaining, and the general set up and organization to display cars and vendor stalls fairly easy to navigate.  The men particularly like seeing restored Rancheros and El Caminos; my husband just sold his El Camino year before last and my cousin still has his Ranchero from 1971. Our first time at this event, we were surprised at how many entrants there were to admire. It is a hike on some of those uphill streets, and Wrightwood is almost at the 6,000 ft. mark, so make sure to step up your cardio workout the week before. The weather was outstanding, 79 degrees by noon, but we were still glad the get to the show areas with shady spots and I wished I had slathered myself with sunscreen before leaving home and packed a hat. I had this picture in my mind of Pine tree-covered streets covering the entire car display. So, be better prepared than I was. Finding parking was a challenge; we had to look for people leaving, but were lucky to grab one just being vacated in front of the elementary school in the shade.

Most of the restaurants in the village were open and the Mexican restaurant had a stand out front selling frosty drinks. I would have like to see something like that in front of every one of the open restaurants. The pizza place could have had a table out front selling pizza slices. The other restaurants could have had just one of their specialties for sale on a table out front, as well, with cans of sodas in ice tubs for an extra sale. As it was, the restaurants were jammed and were turning away customers for lack of seating inside and for lack of seating outside. Those who did not fit inside would have been glad to buy from outside food tables even if it was cash only sales. What about renting some extra tables and chairs for the restaurants that did have room on their verandas, from what we could see, to manage the extra customers trying to get seated and served? At the very least, there could have been “customer only” overflow seating for the outside food sales. How about renting some umbrellas to go with those extra tables? The music in the vending area can use some more tunes from each era – classic cars are not all from the fifties! This event may have started out small years ago, but it now draws a lot of spectators. It is time the food venues update crowd management. They also might want to contact Harbor Freight about tents used for parking lot sales, and put one at the end of all the cross streets with extra chairs and at the picnic area at the bottom of the vendor area.

There were only a couple of food stalls (OK, you probably get that we were hungry) in the lower area with all of the the other merchandise vendors. Vendors were conveniently taking credit cards with Square. If you want more cash, there is an ATM at the bank right next to the vendor stalls  The gourmet hamburgers we ordered were worth every penny, though. We found picnic tables behind the vendor section and settled in to enjoy our burger, fries, and ice-cold Cokes. The men snagged shaved ice cups on the way out.

The event and parking is free, but take your mad money for lunch, drinks, desserts, purchases from the artists and vendors, and raffles. Aside from the Chamber needing to hire an event planner to coordinate the restaurants and maximize the food experience, the car show fundraiser is well organized and definitely worth the car trip.

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