THIS WEEK New Jobs Sept. 15 – Sept. 21: Sheriff’s, SBC HR

Apply for an opportunity to make a difference with San Bernardino County!

Public Health Chief Financial Officer: The incumbent in the position will direct the general accounting, budget/cost control, accounts payable, and billing functions. Apply here:


Detention Review Officer I: Assess, review, and make recommendations regarding release of in-custody defendants charged with felonies. Apply here:


Chief Quality Management Officer: Responsibilities include: Overseeing quality management, performance improvement and managed care operations. Apply here:


Applications are still being accepted for Sheriff’s Dispatcher II. Apply: Level II Trainee:


Assistant Park Superintendent: Assist Park Superintendents in park operations, maintenance, and supervision at a moderate to large park. Apply here:


Regional Parks Naturalist: Assist with implementing and running various outdoor experience programs, events, and tasks throughout the parks system. Apply here:


Supervising Health Services Assistant: Plan and supervise the work of a group of Health Services Assistants and perform administrative duties, as well as, direct client services. Apply here:


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