New State Grant Website Portal for Nonprofit Organizations

Simone Graham – Editor: This could not have happened without the hundreds of nonprofits that championed the bills, signed on to official letters of support, educated their constituents and communicated with their elected officials.

One of the bills Governor Brown signed into law is the creation of a website portal centralizing state grants for nonprofits: Assembly Bill 2252.

If you have ever thought about getting funding from the State of California, you know how difficult it is to find out what opportunities are available. This is not just frustrating for individual nonprofits; it also plays a role in the funding disparities throughout the nonprofit community.

AB 2252, authored by Assembly member Monique Limón (Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on the Nonprofit Sector), addressed this problem by directing the creation of an online portal centralizing all state funding opportunities, and enabling nonprofits to apply for grants online. Thanks to dozens of nonprofits signing letters and calling their representatives, the bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support (80 Aye votes and 0 No votes in the Senate), and was signed by Governor Brown.

CalNonprofits,, will be working with the State Library — where the website will be developed and housed — to ensure as quick a launch as possible.


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