High Wind Power Shutoff Areas Close to the HD

Simone Graham – Editor: When the windy season ends in the High Desert, it begins in the Inland Empire with Santa Ana conditions. This announcement does not affect us here, but it is interesting to note that the power companies are taking action to head-off wild fires and how many areas will be affected. If you commute for work to one of these areas, you may be without electricity at the office on those days. Due to projected extreme fire conditions, Southern California Edison (SCE) is considering a public safety power shutoff of electrical circuits in County of San Bernardino high fire risk areas as early as Thursday evening, Nov. 8 through Friday, Nov. 9.

SCE will begin notifying customers on the affected circuits to inform them about the potential shutoff and give them time to prepare. Please call 800-611-1911 if you have any questions.

The following circuits are currently on SCE’s PSPS watch list:

  1. Blue Cut Circuit: San Bernardino, Unincorporated San Bernardino County (Phelan)
  2. Casmalia Circuit: Fontana, Rialto, Unicorporated San Bernardino County (Lytle Creek)
  3. Charlie Circuit: Rialto
  4. Calstate Circuit: San Bernardino
  5. Club Oaks Circuit: San Bernardino
  6. Lytle Circuit: Rialto
  7. Mora Circuit: San Bernardino, Fontana
  8. Northpark Circuit: San Bernardino
  9. Silva Circuit: Fontana
  10. Susan Circuit: Rialto
  11. Verdemont Circuit: San Bernardino
  12. Acosta Circuit: Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga
  13. Kimberly Circuit: San Bernardino
  14. Macy Circuit: San Bernardino
  15. Power Circuit: San Bernardino


Wildfire mitigation: An SCE crew preps equipment for installation


SCE has activated an Incident Management Team (IMT) to monitor conditions. The actual onset of extreme fire conditions and other circumstances beyond control may impact coordination and notification efforts. As such, there is a possibility that a PSPS could be implemented sooner than anticipated, additional circuits could be added, or conditions could make PSPS no longer under consideration for one or more circuits.

* Again, no Public Safety Power Shutoffs have been initiated by SCE at this time. #vision4safety

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