Please Visit High Desert Gazette’s NEW Local Business Directory

The High Desert Gazette is starting a NEW SECTION on our digital newspaper. We invite business in the High Desert to advertise with us first in the NEW LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY. If your business is home-based, our business directory is a must for you. While friendly word of mouth from your local citizens group is irreplaceable for increasing your business, it is convenient for the neighborhood to see a resident’s recommendation for your services on Facebook with a reference that your contact information and explanation of services is in the High Desert Gazette Business Directory. As customers we may or may not remember the name of the business, but know it is on the directory and will remember the name when we see it listed there in its category. We will also feature each new directory listing on our Facebook page as an introduction to our community. CLICK HERE to be taken to our new Business Directory.

Introductory pricing will be as follows:  12 months pre-paid is $100 or $10 per month for those who prefer to pay monthly and $7.00 per month for your name or the name of your business and your phone contact information without explanation of services.

Starting categories: Artists, Beauty, Boats, Catering, Carpets/Drapes, Childcare, Chimney Sweep, Computers, Construction/Block Walls/Cement/Drywall/Tile, Electrical, Firewood, Furniture, Glass, Golf, Handyman, Health/Care Services, Housekeeping, Landscape/Arborist/Hauling, Law/Trusts, Notary, Pet care, Photography & Framing, Plumbing, Pool Service, Printer, Realtors, Recreation & Equipment, Restaurant, Window Washing.

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