Winter SBNF Road Closures Go Into Effect: Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Simone Graham – Editor: Snowboarding and downhill skiing are a lot of fun and those day trips make for life-long family memories. But if you are on a budget and still want to make those great memories, try renting snowshoes or cross country skiing equipment for the whole family to get out and play in the snow. If you have some friends who have tried the sport, have them give you tips on how to prepare for the day and safety advice to follow out on the trail. Better yet, invite them along to show you the ropes – more hands to take photos of your family falling in the snow if it is their novice ski or snowshoe experience. Below is today’s report from the forestry service.  Snowshoeing Tips   Cross Country Skiing Tips

U.S. Forest Service: Recent snowfall, along with more predicted, has prompted the seasonal closure of several U.S. Forest Service roads in the San Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino National Forest. The roads will remain closed until spring, when conditions allow them to be reopened. No motorized travel is allowed on these roads during the closure.

These annual closures are put into effect for public safety and to preserve and mitigate damage to the roads. Many roads are constructed on soil types which easily damage in wet and freezing weather.
The closures also afford new recreational opportunities, such as snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Any of the free and open Yellow Post campsites along these roads remain available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but must be reached by

The roads which are closed for the winter season are:

Running Springs area/Snow Valley
1N96 Keller Peak Road (Yellow Post Sites are open but, are walk-in only)
2N97 Camp Creek TH

Green Valley Lake area
2N19 Green Valley Lake and spur roads
2N13 Snow Slide west end upper gate.

Southside Big Bear Lake

2N10 West end Mill Creek gate and east end Country Club gate (Yellow Post Sites open, walk-in only)
2N08 Knickerbocker (Yellow Post Sites open, walk-in only)
2N11 Santa Ana Divide (Yellow Post Sites open, walk-in only)
2N06 Radford Truck Trail (upper gates and lower gates)
1N54 Clarks Grade (upper gates and lower gates) foot or ski.

Northside Big Bear Lake
3N09 Van Dusen Canyon Rd. (upper and lower gates)
2N13 Snow Slide (Fawnskin side)
2N13B Butler Peak
2N80 Grout Bay Cutoff (interior gate)
2N70 Gray’s Peak
2N68 Old Snow Slide

Eastside Big Bear Lake
2N27 Sand Canyon
2N93 Sugarloaf (Hatchery Road) and (Heart Bar side)

Heart Bar area
1N01 Onyx Summit
1N02 Coon Creek
1N05 Mission Springs

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