Message From U.S. Forest Service – SBNF: Visitor’s Broken Sleds Litter the Mountains

U. S. Forest Service: Managing recreation on a national forest comes with many challenges. Litter is no exception and last weekend showed why. Pictured here is the Diamondbacks Conservation Crew, a partnership with San Bernardino County, worked with Forest Service staff on Dec. 12 to clean up snow play trash on Highway 18.

Up on the mountaintop, hundreds of snow players gathered along Highway 18. But when all was said and done, a crew spent all of Monday picking up broken sleds from Lakeview Point through 13 Curves, filling two pickup trucks by noon.

A broken sled left behind on Dec. 10 off Highway 18 in the 13 Curves area.

We love it when visitors come out and take advantage of their public lands, but we want to remind everyone that packing it in and packing it out is an important part of a visit. If you’re snow playing and your sled breaks, take it with you. If you’re target shooting, take your targets and shells/casings with you. Each of us doing our part keeps this forest looking great. Law enforcement will be showing more of a presence in these areas this winter. Thank you!

Broken clay pigeons, seen on Dec. 12, left behind on Forest Road 1N09.

Shotgun shells, seen on Dec. 12, left behind on Forest Road 1N09.

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