Victorville CHP Snow Safety/Mountain Visitor Reminders

CHP VICTORVILLE: We are expecting snow in our local mountains this weekend. We want to remind the visitors that plan on playing in the snow or going to the ski resorts of the following:

– Do not trespass onto private property. We are in close contact with the property owners who have been advised to contact Law Enforcement immediately of trespassers. The CHP and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department will respond in haste to cite or possibly arrest trespassers if there is property damage.

Do not leave your trash. If you are able to bring it in your vehicle (Food, Diapers, sleds, etc.) You are able to take it home with you. There are dumpsters located throughout these communities that you can also utilize. We encourage visitors and residents to report anyone littering. We will issue citations for littering and make you take your trash with you.

Editor; A broken sled left behind on Dec. 10 off Highway 18 in the 13 Curves area.

Do not park in the roadway or no parking zones. Parking citations will be issued. If you leave your vehicle parked in a roadway, your vehicle will be towed, or pushed by emergency personnel if there is exigency to render aid. If you leave your vehicle parked in a no parking zone (signs are posted) your vehicle will be towed. If you park your vehicle on someone’s private property without their permission, your vehicle will be towed.

Do not snow play in the middle of the roadway (this includes surface streets). It should go without saying how dangerous this can be for pedestrians and motorists. (editor’s note: there have been reports of people playing in the snow off to the side of the road and sliding into the middle of the road on sleds and snow saucers).

Bring chains for your vehicle. If chain conditions exist (which change rapidly) you will not be allowed to continue into the mountain communities. CHP and Caltrans will be at designated locations to ensure chains are installed. There are designated turn outs to install chains. Do not stop in the roadway to install chains, you will be cited.

Anytime you make a trip to the mountains or remote desert areas, bring the following:

Food, water, cell phone with charger, warm clothing, emergency blankets, first aid kit.

We want everyone to enjoy their public lands. Please do it respectfully and responsibly.

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