Assemblyman Obernolte Responds to Governor Newsom’s State of the State Address

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Hesperia) issued the following statement in in response to the Governor’s State of the State:

“In Governor Newsom’s first State of the State address, he outlined some ambitious goals for our state, including tackling affordable housing, homelessness, education, and rising healthcare costs. I agree that we need to work together to solve these significant problems. However, I wish the governor would have spent some more time talking about poverty. He nibbled around the edges, mentioning housing and homelessness, but he didn’t address the core issue that California currently has the highest poverty of any state in the nation. That is due primarily to the fact that the cost of living is so high here, and many of the causes of this can be traced back to failed government policies. We need to have a frank and direct discussion about how we can address this issue that affects so many Californians.

“His stance on clean drinking water is also baffling. He says it’s a ‘moral disgrace’ and ‘medical emergency’ that over a million Californians don’t have access to clean drinking water, yet instead of prioritizing funding for this in the budget (which currently has a $20 billion surplus) he intends to reintroduce a plan to increase taxes on every Californian’s water bills. This will only make living in California even less affordable than it already is.

“One thing I definitely agree with the governor on is streamlining CEQA to address our housing shortage. However, the problem of inadequate housing isn’t only being caused by cities and counties refusing to build- the predominant cause is clearly a lack of supply because housing is so expensive to build in California. Much of the responsibility for those costs can be laid directly at the state’s doorstep.”

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte represents the 33rd Assembly District, which includes the San Bernardino County communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Baker, Barstow, Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake, Big River, Crestline, Fort Irwin, Hesperia, Johnson Valley, Lake Arrowhead, Lenwood, Lucerne Valley, Needles, Oak Hills, Phelan, Running Springs, Silver Lakes, Trona, Twentynine Palms Base, Twin Peaks and and Victorville.


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