HD Area Flash Flood Watch

Simone Graham – Editor: For those new to the area and as a reminder to those who have been here several years, there was a flash flood by the Victorville Green Tree Golf Course two seasons ago mid- February. The water had risen so high and the current so strong that it swept two cars off the road. One man lost his life in that incident.

VICTORVILLE – A flood watch is in effect from Wednesday night, Feb. 13 through Thursday night, Feb. 14. A storm is expected to bring in heavy rain and gusty winds from Wednesday night through Thursday night.

A strong Pacific storm system will move through southern California Wednesday night through Thursday night with periods of heavy rain with potential flash flooding and gusty southerly winds. The high desert should see between .5 – .75 inches during this period.

Take appropriate precautions to keep you and your family safe. DO NOT cross flooded roads. Turn around, don’t drown. A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may become favorable for flooding of washes, streams and other drainage areas in the watch area. If you are in the watch area you should closely monitor weather forecasts and be prepared to take immediate action should heavy rain and flooding occur or a flash flood warning is issued.

Sandbags are available at Victorville fire stations 311, 312, 313, 314, and the Victorville Public Works yard on McArt. Sand is available at fire stations 312, 313, and 314.

Beware of objects blowing across roads, fallen trees, etc. Avoid downed power lines and report them to 911. For additional information, visit the National Weather Service website or your local news station.

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