Apple Valley Continues Choice Energy 3% Savings In New Time Of Use Rates

Simone Graham – Editor: Los Angeles Times article January 25, 2019, Here’s how local governments are replacing California’s biggest utilities, and February 7, 2019, California’s biggest utilities losing their monopolies. Is that a good thing? by Sammy Roth, will give you the background on what these new CCAs, Community Choice Aggregation, are doing to provide service for their cities and towns. Here is the Town of Apple Valley website link that explains how the town is implementing its CCA and operating as AVCE, Apple Valley Choice Energy. AVCE Explanation

This is important to everyone in our valley. Why? According to the Times article it looks like this may be the wave of the future for all of us.

Apple Valley, Calif. – May 14, 2019: Launched in April 2017, Apple Valley Choice Energy (AVCE) has saved Apple Valley residents and businesses $1.57 million in energy costs thanks to the Town Council’s commitment to keep generation rates at three percent less than Southern California Edison (SCE).

The California Public Utility Commission recently directed SCE to implement changes to their rates for all customers and default Time of Use (TOU) rates for commercial customers. The TOU rate changes will be implemented in phases, with non-residential implementation currently in effect and residential set to begin in late 2020. As a result, the Town Council has revised AVCE rates to reflect the new SCE rates and ensure that AVCE customers maintain a three percent rate savings.

The new TOU rates, which affect commercial customers only, change the peak times, or most expensive time of energy use. Previously, the most expensive time to use energy was the middle of the day, noon to 6 p.m. The recent changes by the CPUC move the peak times to 4 to 9 p.m.

This change will better reflect the rates charged for energy usage (and demand on the power grid) versus the actual cost of producing energy. For example, the abundance of solar energy produced during the day has resulted in the cost of cheaper power during the mid-day time period.

“The goal of Apple Valley Choice Energy has always been to save our residents money on the cost of their electric bill,” said Mayor Larry Cusack. “Customers should be mindful of this newly adopted rate schedule and adjust their evening usage to receive the best possible savings.”

“Over the past several months, customers have received mailers from SCE informing them about the changes in the rates and TOU periods,” said Town Manager Doug Robertson. “The new rate schedule ensures the AVCE generation portion of a customer’s bill is based on the same TOU period as SCE’s delivery/distribution portion. We are matching the newly adopted rate schedule to reflect our commitment to offering a 3% discounted rate.”

AVCE began implementation of the new TOU rates on March 1, 2019, concurrent with SCE’s implementation schedule. AVCE currently serves approximately 90% of all Apple Valley residents.

For more information on Apple Valley Choice Energy, call (760)-573-AVCE (2823) or visit the Town’s AVCE website.

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