Town Of Apple Valley’s New Voting Districts/5-District Maps

Apple Valley, Calif – Based on comments received at recent public hearings and workshops, new and revised maps have been drawn. The five-district maps include revisions of the Green, Purple and Tan maps which add recently annexed areas and demographic information. A new five-district map has been introduced, “Olive”, that modifies the Green map.

In addition to the five-district maps, a new four-district map is also presented that will allow for an at-large Mayor. This map, identified as “Grape”, also uses the major roadways as the other maps and includes commercial development in all districts.

To view all maps and learn more about district-based elections, visit: 5 District Maps

The next public hearing is scheduled for Tues, June 11, at the regular Town Council meeting. The public is invited to comment on the maps and the proposed sequence of elections. According to the tentative plan, the Town Council will then consider the introduction of an ordinance at a fifth public hearing on July 9, and, if such an ordinance is introduced, will consider adoption of an ordinance at its July 23 regular meeting.


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