Residents, Business, & Officials/Take the High Desert Quality of Life Survey Aug. 1

Simone Graham – Editor: Yes, we are asking you to take another survey. Why take the survey? What you answer and the comments you make do make a difference. There is nothing like research and data to move decision-making at the state, county, and local levels to guide money for projects, programs, construction, and urban planning.

If you are a resident, this means that your life improves right where you live to make you and your family safer, your entertainment venues close to you, it provides an increase in education programs targeted to train your family members in today’s tech skills that are now needed in all trades. When all of those around you have training that gives them life-long support for their families, you benefit because they can buy homes in your neighborhood or new neighborhoods and take care of them.

If you are a business owner, all of the above means the residents who frequent your stores or hire your business, have more money to spend and spend it more often. The business and government  survey will be a shorter version of the resident questionnaire.

If you are an elected official or in a government management position, a prosperous population and vibrant economy means you have more funds for city and county projects and services.

Daily Press writer, Renee Ray De La Cruz, Survey first step in an attempt save the High Desertreports on why we have to fight to improve quality of life here and details you will want to know about who is sponsoring the survey through the Cal State University San Bernardino. It includes background on Professor Dr. Barbara Sirotnik, who designed the survey, and on economist Dr. John Husing who will be analyzing survey results. Please take a few minutes to read the article.

Inland Empire Economist, Dr. John Husing,and CSU San Bernardino Professor,Dr. Sirotnik, explained the mechanics of the survey to the press July 8, 2019.

If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. A better life for your families takes work, planning, and stepping up to do your part. Take the survey beginning August 1.

Survey initiator, Joseph Brady, with his wife at the luncheon.

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