City of Hesperia SCE Public Safety Power Shutoffs In Effect: Cooling Centers Near You

HESPERIA, Calif. – Southern California has experienced devastating wildfires for many years and in response to these tragedies Southern California Edison (SCE) has begun implementing Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs are undertaken by SCE when potentially dangerous weather conditions arise. During these instances, SCE has begun proactively turning off power in high fire risk areas to reduce the threat of wildfires. Residents within an area scheduled for a shutoff will be notified directly by SCE as to when the shutoff will occur.

Due to these shutoffs taking place during high temperature months, the City of Hesperia would like to provide our residents with information on cooling centers in our area. Cooling centers are available for residents during our high temperature months and are coordinated by United Way. For specifics on cooling centers, simply dial 211 within San Bernardino County.

For a list of cooling centers near you, visit

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-Simone Graham, Editor High Desert Gazette

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