The L.A. County Fair Begins Friday After Next

Simone Graham – Editor: It is that time of year again and I can hardly wait. I love the L.A. County Fair! It is California’s largest and most attended fair event. Nothing rejuvenates me more than the thought of seeing my favorite exhibits, scouting out my favorite foods, and seeing what is new for this year’s fair.  It is the close of summer’s activities, signals the beginning of school, and ushers in fall season and cooler weather. The Fair starts August 30 and continues until September 22 with Monday and Tuesdays dark. Of course, that first weekend, Labor Day Weekend, it is open on Monday. * I like to use the back entrance by the NHRA car museum as it is usually not as crowded back there. I do have a few fair food classic favorites, like corn on the cob, but the food concessions are featuring the $6.50 menu items around the fair grounds again this year and I will probably take advantage of that. Check out the list here $6.50 Deal.

Enjoy its new theme this year and celebrate decades of cultural phenomena as the 2019 LA County Fair Goes Pop! From art to clothes to technology and toys, the Fair takes a deep dive into Pop Culture, with a spotlight on Los Angeles’ influence. Immerse yourself in delights, décor and doohickeys from the 1950s on – frozen dinners, Elvis the Pelvis, the squawk box, space flight, disco, Andy Warhol, electric cars and phones made for yapping that also set the toes a tappin’. The Fair is where nostalgia and relevancy collide!

When the Fair Goes Pop, guests can stroll among giant iconic LA art installations or dance at a modern-day Studio 54 at the Silent Disco, both on the hillside; trek through memory lane with toys from years past at Toytopia, including a giant Etch-A-Sketch and life-sized Monopoly game; experience an explosion of pigmentation as the Flower & Garden Pavilion bursts in Pops of Color; and play among the collision of technology and pop culture in Popnology 2.0, where science fiction becomes science fact.

New for 2019, each weekend will include a music and arts festival featuring the diversity of LA County.

The Fair will also feature its carnival, operated by Ray Cammack Shows; the End of Summer Concert Series; farm animals; food; shopping and more. The Pop Life never ends at the Fair. All attractions, with the exception of the Carnival and reserved seats at concerts, are included with the price of admission.

Check for information on Metrolink service during the Fair. You may not be on the Metrolink route, but you may be meeting family or friends there who can take service there.

The value continues as weekday admission remains the same as 2018: $14 for adults (ages 13+), $8 for children (ages 6-12) and $10 for seniors (ages 60+); weekend admission is $20 for adults, $12 for children and $15 for seniors. Children ages 5 and younger are always free. Special discounts are also available.

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*Editor’s Note Update 8/28: I have found out this week that the back entrance close to the NHRA Museum is now permanently closed. The Green Gate has been eliminated as an entrance for the public as per local residents’ request. Neighborhood parking and pick and drop off traffic created a problem with traffic in the area. Hence, my “secret” entrance is no longer a tip. You can enter at the Red Gate which is behind the Sheraton.

See more here on the Green Gate:


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