New Enforcement For Illegal Dumping in San Bernardino County

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – The Board of Supervisors recently adopted an ordinance that strengthens enforcement against littering and illegal dumping. This is a very necessary update that allows County Code Enforcement officers and peace officers to issue citations for littering and illegal dumping. This change will allow Code Enforcement officers to also issue administrative citations, which is a simpler process than issuing criminal citations.

Under the current County Code, only peace officers are authorized to enforce the littering provisions of the Penal Code. The new ordinance will make littering a violation of the County Code, which may be enforced by County Code Enforcement Officers in addition to peace officers. The counterpart state law combines littering and illegal dumping in a similar manner.

“There’s a certain amount of discretion that we can use,” County Code Enforcement Director Andy Wingert said. “I think that for illegal dumping, if we’re going to use the criminal courts to prosecute that, we certainly would have the authority and discretion to prosecute that as a misdemeanor. We don’t have to start off with an infraction. We can go straight to a misdemeanor.”

Simone Graham – Editor High Desert Gazette


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  1. Joel Morrison says:

    Why dont you make it easier for people to dump their truckload of trash? How often is trash turned away from the dump? I know Advanced Disposal is impossible and turns away a lot of people that just want to get rid of their trash. Want to reduce illegal dumping? Make it easier for people to use the facilities that are out there!

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